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Hanging Baskets: Space-Saving Gardening

Green Circle Growers - Thursday, March 03, 2011

Table or floor space can be hard to come by in smaller living spaces like apartments and condominiums. Even in more spacious homes, active children, furniture arrangements, pets and the “stuff” we all accumulate can make it difficult to find table space for a cheerful pot of Reiger Begonias or floor space for a container of Kimberly Queen Ferns (Nephrolepis). The solution is to move your garden upward. Hanging baskets filled with lush green plants create a space-saving garden that will chase away the winter blues and bring year-round pleasure.

Use one of these decorator favorites to add interest to your indoor décor:

A hanging plant basket filled with English Ivy (Hedera) makes a delightful green addition to a breakfast nook. Or hang a basket of English Ivy over the kitchen sink so you can enjoy its beautiful white-edged green leaves while you prepare meals. With leaves that mimic the elegant shape of a French fleur de lis, English Ivy adds a romantic touch to master bathrooms and looks stunning hanging in a window above an oversized tub.

A potted Wandering Jew hanging in a corner or window adds a rich appearance to a quiet study or a hint of drama to an elegant bedroom. The unusual leaves of the Wandering Jew are striped in deep green and silvery white on top, providing a provocative contrast to the rich purplish-red hue of their undersides. The Wandering Jew grows lush and full as it rises out of its pot, sending thick twisting ropes of dramatic color-changing leaves cascading toward the ground in a dramatic display.

In summer, hanging baskets of English Ivy and Wandering Jew can be moved outside to add interest to a porch or shaded patio.