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2011 All-America Flowers & Vegetables to Watch For

Green Circle Growers - Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Spring may still be long, dreary months away, but devoted gardeners are already immersed in garden planning. The National Garden Bureau’s recent announcement of its 2011 All-America Selections gives gardeners several exciting new plants to look forward to and include in their garden plans.

Since 1933, the National Garden Bureau has been selecting for recommendation a handful of the most exceptional new flower and vegetable plants from among the many new plant varieties introduced by growers each year. In order to be honored as an All-America Selection, a plant must be unusually beautiful, easy to grow and neglect-tolerant while exhibiting significant improvement over currently-marketed varieties.

When new plants start arriving at local garden centers this spring, watch for these exciting 2011 All-America Selections:

  • Shangri-La Marina viola dazzles; its marine blue petals providing a striking contrast to its white-rimmed, dark-blue center. Frost-tolerant, this cool weather plant will survive early fall snowfalls and recover beautifully to bloom again in early spring.
  • Arizona Apricot gaillardia blooms in early summer, several weeks ahead of traditional gaillardia. Bright green foliage provides a beautiful backdrop for sunny, yellow-edged petals that deepen into warm apricot.
  • Summer Jewel red salvia is longer-lasting than other salvia varieties, blooming from spring to fall. Spikes of bright-red blossoms rise from a bed of dark green foliage, making this dwarf plant a standout in borders and container gardens.
  • Glamour Red ornamental kale exhibits a vivid pink-red center surrounded by intensely colored red and purple leaves. Frost and disease-tolerant, this kale is a colorful addition to fall gardens.

If you plant a vegetable garden, you’ll also want to watch for All-America vegetable plants: Lizzano cherry tomatoes, Terenzo cherry tomatoes and Hijinks pumpkins.