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Coleus Adds Pizzazz to Summer Gardens

Green Circle Growers - Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Bold, bright and colorful, Coleus adds instant pizzazz to garden and container plantings. A summertime favorite, this hearty annual is prized for its lush, colorful, textured foliage. Available in a wide variety of exuberant colors ranging from lime green to brilliant fuchsia to deep chocolate, Coleus is most often used as a bridge plant to tie together garden flowers with clashing colors. Coleus also performs beautifully as both an attention-getter and backdrop for other plants. Its thick, cushiony leaves add desirable texture to mixed garden plantings and container groupings. Available in a variety of sizes from tiny minis suitable for terrarium plantings to large plants that can reach the size of small bushes at maturity, Coleus is one of the most versatile summer annuals available.

The Beauty of Coleus

The striking color patterns on its leaves are what set Coleus apart from other foliage plants. In more sedate varieties, single-color leaves are bordered in a bright contrasting color. Chocolate Mint coleus, for example, features dark purple, nearly brown, leaves edged in brilliant lime green. At the other end of the Coleus color spectrum are exuberant varieties that explode in a profusion of neon-bright colors with as many as four colors decorating a single leaf. For example, the leaves of Watermelon coleus feature a neon pink center, thickly edged with a bright green border through which slashes of dark purple and bright yellow radiate. Pale violet leaves tinged with red and white and flecked with deep maroon characterize the aptly named Bipolar Bygolly.

Look for colorful Coleus at your local garden center and add some pizzazz to your garden!