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Combos Are Hot New Trend in Indoor Container Plantings

Green Circle Growers - Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Taking a cue from their outdoor cousins, indoor container plantings are finally embracing diversity. Combination plantings that combine several different plants in a single container have been popular in outdoor containers and hanging baskets for some time, but indoor container plantings have remained staidly traditional with a single plant per pot. No more. Combos are the hot new trend in indoor container plantings.

Combining a variety of plants in one container vastly expands the design potential of indoor landscaping. Plants with complementary colors and foliage styles can be grouped to create an atmosphere of peaceful serenity. Or energize a room by contrasting flower colors and juxtaposing soft, curving foliage with edgy, spiky plants. Combining plants of different colors, foliage types and growing habits (upright, trailing, bushy, etc.) adds visual depth and texture to a room.

In creating indoor container combinations, you are limited only by your imagination and the practical necessity of grouping plants that share similar light, temperature and water requirements. The biological needs of combined plants must be simpatico if they are to survive in a shared environment. Beyond biology, however, there are no limits. Experiment with different combinations of color, height, shape and leaf type to see what you find pleasing. The most spectacular indoor container displays are often created by emphasizing differences rather than similarities. And don’t neglect the importance of pot selection. Your choice of container should enhance the theme or style of your planting. Don’t be afraid to use large containers like the ones that grace your porch and patio in the summer. A large container display can be a delightful way to fill an empty corner or can serve as a bright, cheerful focal point in any room.

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