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Create a Butterfly Garden in Your Backyard

Green Circle Growers - Thursday, June 07, 2012

Watching a butterfly flit through your garden is one of summer’s delightful pleasures. As these delicate creatures alight on a flower blossom and slowly fan their wings, you have but seconds to admire their striking coloration before they take flight again. If you find yourself mesmerized by these beautiful insects, you can encourage them to visit your backyard by creating a butterfly garden.

Incorporating Butterfly-Friendly Elements

A butterfly garden doesn’t have to be a major undertaking. You can attract butterflies to your yard by simply adding a few of the nectar-producing plants on which butterflies feed to your established garden beds. If your garden space is limited, you can attract butterflies by including butterfly-friendly flowers in your container arrangements. To encourage butterflies to visit frequently, you’ll also want to provide flat rocks where they can sun themselves, protection from the wind, and a puddle of water (a pie pan or bird bath will work well).

To create a butterfly garden in your backyard, look for these butterfly-friendly flowers at your local garden center:

  • Echinacea is a sun-loving, daisy-petalled perennial with a large, protruding, cone-shaped center from which its common name, coneflower, derives. A butterfly favorite during the summer, birds will also flock to these tall, stately flowers in the fall to feast on the seed heads.
  • Snapdragons are an old-fashioned favorite topped with showy blooms. These annuals tolerate hot, dry conditions and thrive in both sun and partial shade.
  • Sedum, also called Stonecrop, not only add color to the fall garden, they provide butterflies with a late-season food source.

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