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Decorate Your Home with Holiday Poinsettias

Green Circle Growers - Friday, December 17, 2010

Poinsettias in the home are an American holiday tradition. The stunning contrast of the Poinsettia’s brilliant red “flowers” (actually modified leaves called bracts) clustered above a bounty of deep green leaves beautifully showcase the season’s most festive colors: traditional Santa-suit red and snowy white.

These eye-catching plants are also available from local garden centers in a bevy of other beautiful colors for holiday decorators who prefer to think outside the box, including pretty pink, salmon orange, pale green and rich cream. You’ll even find delightfully festive poinsettias with naturally-marbled leaves, streaks of white and red or pink mixing to form a cheerful floral confetti effect. To increase decorating choices, many garden centers also feature pale blue and lavender poinsettias. Poinsettias with glitter-edged leaves can also be found for those who want to add a little extra sparkle to their holiday motif.

To add a burst of holiday cheer to any room, place a single, beautifully-formed poinsettia plant on a coffee or end table or on the floor beside a featured piece of furniture. To create a dramatic floor display, select an odd number of plants in a single color. In large groupings plant heights can be varied by placing some pots on blocks of wood or bricks to elevate them slightly above other plants in the grouping.

Poinsettias add a dramatic floral element to holiday decor. Try these additional decorative suggestions:

  • Fill a fireplace hearth with 5 or more poinsettia plants.
  • Call attention to a dramatic entry staircase by lining the stairs with poinsettia-filled silver or gold pots. Pots do not need to be identical, although they should be of similar size. Select small poinsettia plants that won’t impede stairway traffic.
  • Position a single large poinsettia in the center of a coffee table or buffet table and surround with angel hair nestled with small glass ornaments.