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Delphinium Lets Your Garden Soar to New Heights

Green Circle Growers - Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Its stately stalks soaring skyward, Delphinium (Delphinium) adds majestic height to gardens in mid to late spring. An old-fashioned garden favorite, Delphinium produces masses of large, delicate, bell-shaped blossoms on tall, sturdy spikes that rise from compact mounds of dramatic, deeply cut foliage. Available in both white and lavender shades, many gardeners use deep purple spikes of Delphinium to add bold drama and contrast to plantings.

delpiniums by green circle growersA favorite addition to cottage and meadow gardens, Delphinium also makes an attractive border plant when mixed with other perennials. Try planting Delphinium as a bold backdrop behind a row of hosta or bright red or pink seed geraniums. Because of their height – 24 to 30" inches – Delphinium add a vertical dimension to horizontal garden plantings and can be used to create dramatic tiered plantings along fence lines and in front of evergreen hedges. These stunning flowers are ideal for cutting. These elegant flowers add visual excitement to fresh flower arrangements and are equally charming standing alone in a tall vase.

Native to central and southern Europe with some varieties found as far north as Siberia, Delphiniums have been cultivated by gardeners since 1578. For centuries gardeners have included this majestic flower in their gardens not only for the drama Delphiniums add to plantings but for the insect activity they attract. Delphiniums attract butterflies and bees, making them an interesting visual focal point that can provide hours of pleasurable viewing.

Durable and easy to care for, Delphinium will grow in nearly any location. The most stunning displays will be achieved by planting Delphinium in full sun in fertile, well-drained soil. A slow-release fertilizer should be applied in the spring. For best display, remove flowers as they fade.