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Easy Care Plants for the “Plant Challenged” Person

Green Circle Growers - Friday, August 05, 2011

Plants add a touch of green and beauty to any indoor environment. Not only can plants be decorative, but they can bring out the nurturing spirit in each one of us. You don’t have to be a gardener to love indoor plants. In fact, even the person who claims that they have a “black thumb” can enjoy and grow these easy to care for plants.

First off if you are “plant challenged”, consider selecting one of these three easy to care for plants as a way to get started.

Burro TailAloe Vera – this beautiful teal green plant is easy to grow. It doesn’t require a lot of water, but does require a sunny windowsill location. In fact the best care for this plant is to allow the soil to dry between watering. Once a week watering should be plenty for this plant that is categorized as a succulent , which alludes to its fleshy leaves that are used to retain water.

Christmas Cactus – actually you can find these easy to grow plants outside of the Christmas Season, but they will typically bloom around the Christmas Holiday. This is another very easy to grow plants. It does not require much attention, but has needs a sunny location like most cactus varieties. This particular plant has no thorns and so is a practical plant addition for families with small children. The leaves/stems are fleshy blades. At the tip of each blade near Christmas or Easter (if you have an Easter Cactus) a single bloom will grow that is long lived and beautiful to behold. These are great plants year round even when not in bloom. They grow slowly and simply don’t need a lot of attention to look good on a counter or windowsill.

Burro Tail – what an easy to grow and fun plant this is! This succulent, or plant with fleshy leaves, holds its own water and so does not need for you to water it but when the soil is dry to the touch. The frosty green sections that grow from the main branch are crescent like in shape. Without spines, this cactus-like plant not only has a unique color, but look as it grows.

Everyone can grow plants! These easy to grow three are decorative, low maintenance, and have unique leaves or stems.