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Fall Is Here; Time to Bring Indoor Plants Back Inside

Green Circle Growers - Thursday, September 23, 2010

Many indoor plants thrive outside during the warm summer months. Potted indoor plants make delightful additions to patio groupings and deck plantings. As soon as spring nights warm up, most gardeners make the effort to give indoor plants a taste of fresh air and sunshine over the summer. But now that nights are becoming cooler and trees are beginning to drop their leaves, it’s time to reverse the process and bring indoor plants back inside before fall’s first killing frost arrives. Move plants indoors gradually so temperature changes do not shock the plants. Move containers from garden settings to unheated sheltered areas like your garage or screened porch for a few days before bringing them indoors.

Some plants that began their life as indoor plants are hardy enough to remain outdoors now that they’ve had the summer to establish a healthy root system. The colorful Hydrangeas (Hydrangea) that graced your winter sunroom should be doing well along your fence line, bushing out into compact, rounded shrubs. If you planted the Easter Lilies (Lilium) or Tulips (Tulip) you bought last spring to brighten your home, the foliage should have died back to replenish the bulbs sometime during the early summer and you can look forward to a new crop of cheerful blooms in the spring.

Other plants like your prized Jade tree (Jade) and exotic Bromeliad (Bromeliad) are not hardy enough to withstand winter temperatures and will need to be brought indoors. And don’t forget to dig up the Aloe Vera (Aloe Vera) you planted near the back stairs where it would be handy for treating summer cuts and BBQ burns. It’s time to relocate it to the kitchen where it will get a winter workout soothing baking burns and paring knife accidents.