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Flowers That Will Attract Butterflies to Your Garden

Green Circle Growers - Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Watching colorful butterflies dancing on the breeze as they flit from flower to flower in your summer garden is one of the true joys of gardening. There are a number of flowers you can add to your garden to attract butterflies:

  • Achillea (Achillea), also known as Common Yarrow, is a favorite of many gardeners for its colorful blooms, attractive foliage and long display season. Large, flat, densely-packed heads in bright yellow or rosy pink rise on sturdy, leafy stalks. Achillea begins blooming toward the middle of July and will continue to provide a beautiful display through frost. Flowers can be cut and dried for indoor arrangements or left on the stem to add interest and texture to the winter garden. This easy-to-grow perennial plant does best in full sun and will thrive in any garden location.
  • Asters (Aster) are another butterfly favorite. These late-summer bloomers pair beautifully with Achillea, their delicate daisy-fringed petals providing a pleasing contrast to Achillea’s dense flower heads. Available in a selection of bright colors, Asters will continue to bloom from later summer through frost. Butterflies are attracted to their large bright yellow centers. Also a sun lover, Asters like a good watering to keep soil moist.
  • Iberis (Iberis),  also called Gibraltar Candytuft, grows in a carpeting blanket of small pompom-like flowers that entice butterflies with their sweet scent. Another sun lover, Iberis actually performs best in poor soil that has been enriched with lime. Regular watering will keep this low-growing plant blooming all season long. Plant in front of masses of Achillea and Aster for a stunning display that will prove irresistible to butterflies.