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Fragrant Houseplants Add Scent of Spring to Your Home

Green Circle Growers - Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Bring the fragrance of spring into your home by displaying houseplants known for their fragrant scents.

Cyclamen. Swaying on slender stems above a mound of gorgeous foliage, delicate Cyclamen blossoms look like butterflies poised for flight. An elegant plant with brightly-colored flowers, Cyclamen brings the delicate scent of spring into your home. Cyclamens prefer daytime temperatures around 68 degrees F. with cooler nighttime temperatures. This plant thrives in bright light and does best in sunny rooms. Soil should be kept evenly moist but take care not to water the crown. During growing periods, apply a mild liquid fertilizer every 2 weeks.

Hyacinth. This traditional spring bulb will fill indoor rooms with the heady perfume of spring. Short, fat spikes are crowded with a profusion of lovely small waxy flowers in deep pastel shades of pink, lavender, yellow or white. Place Hyacinths where they will receive plenty of bright, indirect light. Soil should be kept evenly moist. Fertilize regularly while blooming. Hyacinths can be planted outdoors in the spring after flowers fade. Allow foliage to yellow and die back before planting outdoors.

Paperwhite bulbs. (Narcissus).Their sweet fragrance makes Paperwhites a perennial spring favorite. When fully grown, tight clusters of slender green stalks will support graceful flowers with fragile white petals surrounding shallow orange trumpets. After planting bulbs, keep in a well-lit, cool (50-60 degrees F.) room for several weeks until green growth begins to appear. Once growth appears, plants will thrive in normal room temperatures. Water sparingly. To prevent slender Paperwhite stems from bending under the weight of its blossoms, stems may need to be supported as the plant gains height.

Primrose. An old-fashioned favorite, Primrose emits a delicate fragrance and exhibits showy 2- to 3-inch blooms nestled in a bed of attractive yellow-green foliage. Place Primroses in a cool, sunny location. Soil should be kept evenly moist during growth and fertilized regularly.