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Garden Gifts Make Delightful Mother’s Day Surprise

Green Circle Growers - Thursday, May 05, 2011

Flowers have long been a traditional Mother’s Day gift. What better way to recognize your mother than with a floral bouquet as beautiful as she is. But cut flowers don’t have much staying power. As beautiful as they are when presented, cut flowers fade away in a week or two. This year why not give your mom flowers she can enjoy all year long? Whether you select a lovely indoor plant or an outdoor garden favorite, the gift of a growing flower or plant will delight your mother for months, possibly even years, to come, providing a daily reminder of your love.

If you choose an indoor plant for your mom, dress it up with a pretty pot and bow so it’s display-ready when you present it to her on Mother’s Day. Gorgeous Just Add Ice Orchids make an elegant gift that is sure to please any mom. Conveniently available at local groceries, home stores and garden centers, these easy-care Phalaenopsis orchids are sold at the peak of blooming perfection in display-ready pots.

For a cheerful, colorful display, surprise your mother with a container of Mandevilla (aka Dipladenia) or Reiger Begonia. Prolific bloomers, Mandevilla and Reiger Begonia can be moved to an outdoor patio or balcony when temperatures warm up. Pretty delicate blooms and attractive foliage make African Violets and Cyclamen two other popular Mother’s Day choices.

If your mother loves outdoor gardening, head to your local garden center and fill your cart with pansies, petunias, geraniums and other outdoor garden favorites. Place your selections in a large basket or box covered with springy floral wrapping paper and present them to your mom on Mother’s Day. Your mother will be doubly delighted with your gift if it comes labor-included. Take your gardening gloves and spade and spend a pleasant few hours chatting with your mother while you plant flowers together.