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Houseplants Guaranteed to Be No-Fuss and Easy-Care

Green Circle Growers - Monday, February 21, 2011

Houseplants bring a welcome touch of nature indoors to brighten gray winter days. Many of the most popular houseplants are so easy to care for that they will thrive even in the hands of first-time or somewhat neglectful plant owners. For houseplants that are easy-care and no-fuss, try one of these varieties:

Pothos Heart-shaped, green leaves add a rich, tropical accent to any room. A vining plant, pothos can be grown in hanging baskets, containers or trained to climb a vertical support. Pothos thrives in both low and bright light and prefers moderately dry soil, so take care not to over-water. Pothos is poisonous and should be kept out of the reach of children and pets.

Spider Plant Named for the spider-like “babies” that bob happily at the end of long, slender stems, the spider plant is one of the most popular hanging basket plants. Thin, white-edged green leaves add to the spidery appearance. Spider plants thrive in medium to bright light with soil that is evenly moist.

Spathiphyllum, also called the peace lily, is a stunning tropical plant. Distinctive white leaf-like “flowers,” called spathes, rise out of glossy, tropical green foliage like white sails floating in a green sea. This plant does best in medium filtered light. Water thoroughly when soil is slightly dry.

Philodendron. Loved for its shiny, heart-shaped, green leaves, Philodendron displays an attractive vining behavior and is often allowed to trail along the tops of cabinets or shelves. Like its cousin Pothos, Philodendron makes a beautiful hanging basket display and can be trained to climb upright along a support. This plant does equally well in low and bright light. Soil should be allowed to dry before watering. Philodendron is poisonous, so keep away this plant out of the reach of children and pets.