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How to Choose the Right Pot

Green Circle Growers - Monday, August 03, 2009

Choosing the right pot for your house plant goes beyond the appearance of the pot. The right pot plays an essential role the development and growth of a happy and healthy plant. Above and beyond the appearance of a pot, the most important thing to keep in mind is that plants need good drainage in order to prevent root rot. There are several different kinds of pots available from plastic, ceramic to clay and terracotta.

Although not very decorative, most houseplants are sold in plastic pots because they are long-lasting, provide water drainage, and tend to keep the soil moist. A plastic pot that comes with a saucer or dish is suggested to prevent water drainage from the bottom onto furniture when placed in your home. Terracotta or clay pots aren’t necessarily a great choice for plants that need regular water and moist soil, which most house plants require. Clay is porous and tends to soak up water from the plant, resulting in dried out soil. Clay pots do well with cactus-type plants, although it is recommended to soak the clay pot in hot water before re-potting the plant.

Ceramic pots are the most decorative of the choices and often come in a variety of designs and colors. Unfortunately, most ceramic pots do not have drainage holes in the bottom and plants and roots cannot live without some sort of water drainage. A suggestion around this drawback is to place the plant in its original plastic pot directly into the ceramic pot. This allows for the proper drainage from the plastic pot without losing the decorative qualities of the ceramic pot. Remember to clear out the water regularly from the bottom of the ceramic pot to keep your plant happy and healthy!