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How to Create Confetti Containers

Green Circle Growers - Thursday, May 26, 2011

Confetti containers are making a colorful splash at nurseries and garden centers this year. Sold as both hanging baskets and planters, confetti arrangements feature a happy jumble of different brightly-colored flowers that appear to have been tossed together with joyful abandon like floral confetti. The look is appealingly chaotic; but if you look carefully, you’ll discover a surprising amount of order in the chaos.

Although less obvious than in traditionally-planted containers, confetti containers use the same thriller-filler-spiller design technique discussed in our previous post; but they take a more free-form approach to arranging the plants used. Three plants of harmonious hues are used to create a traditional container arrangement. A tall center plant, the thriller, is surrounded by a shorter, compact plant, the filler with a trailing, vine-like plant dripping over the edges of the container, the spiller. Traditional arrangements, which have a loosely conical shape, are created in the round so they will look the same when viewed from any angle.

In contrast, confetti containers usually feature 5 different plants, 3 or 4 of a similar hue and 1 to 2 of a brighter, contrasting color. Confetti arrangements still feature a thriller, filler and spiller; but they are subtle and often differentiated more by color than height. The overall shape of a confetti container is a rough oval centered on a 45-degree diagonal axis. (Think of an overly large football balanced horizontally across the top of your container, then shift the football slightly off-center so one end points slightly up and the other slightly down.) Rather than being constructed in the round, confetti containers are designed from a straight-on viewpoint as if the florist were painting a picture. Confetti arrangements look different from different angles and often have a “best” side.

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Photo by: Quiet Here