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Just Add Ice Orchids Make Elegant Mother’s Day Gift

Green Circle Growers - Friday, May 07, 2010

Mothers and flowers just seem to go together. In the United States, only Valentine’s Day surpasses Mother’s Day in flower sales volume. Flowers come in such a wonderful variety of colors, varieties and scents that they’re guaranteed to bring a smile to your mom’s face on her special day. This year, why not pass up the traditional bowl of Pansies (Viola Wittrockiana) or hanging basket of Petunias and surprise mom an elegant Just Add Ice Orchid (Orchid) on Mother’s Day.

Just Add  Ice OrchidsAs unique and beautiful as your mother, Just Add Ice Orchids are easy grow and require a minimal amount of care. These stunning tropical flowers grow in racemes, sequenced clusters of beautiful blooms on long thin stems. Just Add Ice Orchids are available in startlingly beautiful colors ranging from deep fuchsia to the palest, most delicate pinks, purples and yellows.

Orchids grow most successfully in containers and will not grow in the ground. These delicate-looking plants require a very specific orchid potting mix. If you want to display your orchid in a more decorative pot, simply place the plastic pot it comes in inside the decorative pot. If you must repot your Just Add Ice Orchid, do so carefully, taking care not to disturb roots. Replant to the same depth surrounded by the soil it was sold in to which you may add orchid potting soil from your local garden center.

Place orchid pot in a draft-free, sunny location but avoid direct sunlight. Just Add Ice Orchids need 6 or more hours of bright indirect light each day for best display. Watering couldn’t be simpler. Just add 3 ice cubes per week. As ice melts, it filters down into the soil at just the right rate to keep roots moist but not damp. Just Add Ice Orchids should be fertilized regularly for best display. For additional information on these exceptional plants, visit our Just Add Ice Orchids website.