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Plant Choices Make Confetti Containers Pop

Green Circle Growers - Friday, May 27, 2011

There’s a trick floral designers use to create attractive hanging baskets and container plantings. Called thriller-filler-spiller, it’s an easy method for creating pleasing, balanced arrangements that attract attention.

  • The thriller is a tall, showy plant that attracts attention.
  • The filler is a low- to medium-height plant with a full, compact growth habit that fills in the center space, adding volume to the arrangement.
  • The spiller is a vine-like, trailing plant that spills over the sides of the container to add dimension and tie the container to the ground.

Traditional designs combine these 3 elements in a conical shape; but the popular, new confetti container designs take a more free-form approach, arranging the elements in a slanted oval shape. Confetti containers compact height into a tight mass, the thriller rising barely peeking above the central filler if at all, and the spiller pushing a single short tendril over the container’s edge. The thriller and spiller are differentiated more by color than growing habit, and multiple plants in varying shades of the same color are used as fillers to add interest to the container planting and create a less defined, more random appearance.

Confetti containers are fun to create and allow you to experiment with plant and color selections. Use the following suggested flower combinations to get your creative juices flowing:

Thriller: Dianthus

Fillers: Ageratum, Bacopa, Aubretia

Spiller: Alyssum

Thriller: Bellis

Fillers: Papaver, Gazania, Erigeron

Spiller: Calibrachoa

Thriller: Scabiosa

Fillers: Petunia, Iberis, Lobelia

Spiller: Wave Petunia