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Roses Make Unique Father’s Day Gift

Green Circle Growers - Thursday, June 17, 2010

There’s something about the care and pruning of Roses (Rose) that appeals to men. Men that express the barest passing interest in the daisies, coneflowers, asters and other blooming beauties that fill the garden beds flanking the yard will toil for hours over rose bushes, pinching and dusting and spraying and pruning. Unlike local garden clubs, generally presumed to be the purview of women, rose societies usually boast a robust male membership that often outnumbers members of the gentler sex.

roses by green circle growersRoses appeal to even the manliest of men and make a wonderful Father’s Day gift that is certain to unleash the nurturing tendencies of your favorite dad. Even if your father hasn’t developed a green thumb yet, many rose varieties are relatively easy to grow. Roses grow best in fertile, humus-rich, well-drained soil. They require between 3 and 6 hours of sun daily and will thrive in areas of full sun to partial shade. In dry weather, roses should be freely watered. Regular fertilization will ensure large, beautiful, fragrant blooms. For best display, flowers should be removed as they fade. After the plant has finished blooming for the season, roses should be pruned or trimmed.

June is peak rose season, although many varieties will continue blooming throughout the summer and into early fall. Old fashioned favorites that never fail to attract attention, roses come in a wide variety of colors and petal formation with new varieties being introduced every year. Tight-lobed miniature roses bloom in a profusion of one-inch diameter blooms and make lovely container plants, particularly when planted in a base of sweet-smelling Alyssum (Alyssum). Some heritage rose varieties have a delicate, single, open layer of scalloped petals that share a greater resemblance to begonia blooms than the myriad-petalled blossoms of traditional roses. By far the favorite rose variety is the traditional long-stemmed rose. Rising on elegant, thorny stems, it provides a long season of large, fragrant showy blooms. A fitting tribute to any dad!