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Spring Flowering Bulbs Let You Bring Outdoor Beauty Inside

Green Circle Growers - Monday, April 12, 2010

There’s no reason to limit spring flowering bulbs to outdoor gardens. With plants from Green Circle Growers you can bring the beauty of spring indoors. Pots of bright yellow-trumpeted Daffodils (Narcissus) add a sunny spot of cheer to any room. Pastel-colored Hyacinth (Hyacinthus) displayed in ceramic bowls add soft color to any room and scent your home with the lovely perfumed fragrance of a spring garden.

Spring bulbs by Green Circle GrowersGrown indoors, tall, regal Tulips (Tulip) bring a decorator’s touch to indoor rooms. A basket of multi-colored blooming tulips will bring a smile as you enter any room. But for best effect, fill baskets with pots of single-colored tulips in a color chosen to match the room’s primary or secondary accent color. In a corner or by the hearth, fill a large floor basket or a grouping of baskets with a mass of single color tulips for eye-catching effect. Then add a small basket of blooms to a side table to help draw the eye around the room.

When grown indoors, spring-flowering bulbs need six or more hours of bright, indirect sunlight every day. For best results, place pots near but not directly in a sunny window or in well-lighted rooms. Spring-flowering bulbs will be most successful in rooms with eastern and southern exposures. Container soil should be kept moist but not wet and should be fertilized regularly to ensure the most beautiful display. As they fade, spent blossoms should be removed (called dead-heading) to prolong blooming time.

When blooming ends, bulbs can be planted in outdoor gardens after the foliage dies back. The dying foliage releases nutrients back into the bulbs ensuring a good display next spring, so don’t remove it. As foliage dies, it will turn yellow, then brown. Unsightly plants can be removed to the garage until foliage has completely died back. Dead foliage can then be trimmed off, leaving a short “stem,” and bulbs planted outdoors.