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There’s Still Life Left in the Fall Garden

Green Circle Growers - Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall gardens don’t exhibit the lush greens and riotous colors of summer gardens in full bloom, but there are still plenty of plants and flowers to enjoy in the fall garden. In a thoughtfully-planted garden, fall-blooming flowers can create a colorful display that rivals the leafy fireworks of Sugar Maples. The trick to planning a garden that will provide color from spring through fall is to select plants with an eye to their peak blooming times.

Plot your garden so that bursts of color will sprout in different areas as each season comes and goes. If you want certain garden areas to retain color from one season to the next, plants that will bloom at different times can be located within relatively close proximity to each other. Just make sure to provide ample room for root growth and the spreading of perennial plants. Fertilize monthly throughout the growing season to keep soil nutrient-rich.

Of course, perennials can always be thinned annually to retain garden symmetry. Simply divide perennials in the fall and plant in additional garden areas or share with a friend. With most perennials, particular care is not necessary when dividing closely-packed clumps like Hosta (Hosta), also called Plantian Lilies, or Hemerocallis Daylily (Hemerocallis), commonly called Daylilies. Just dig into the center of the root clump and use your shovel to divide into hand-sized clumps, pulling roots or tubers apart. Plant clumps in new spot. It’s an inelegant method of dividing plants, but it works and has the virtue of being fast.

For a colorful display that will last until frost, add these fall-blooming flowers to your garden: