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Think Flowers for Father’s Day

Green Circle Growers - Thursday, June 16, 2011

Every Father’s Day, it’s the same old dilemma. Do you give dad ties or tools? Fishing lures or golf balls? Grill accessories or car wax? Like every other year, dad will smile and say thank you, trying not to sigh as he stows the new items away with the dozens he’s already accumulated from past Father’s Days, birthdays and Christmases. What is it about shopping for dads that keeps us so narrowly focused on the same tired gift list we’ve been using for decades? Tools, ties and car stuff have been the staples of the male gift list since your great-grandfather’s day.

Dad is more than the family breadwinner and handyman, but you wouldn’t know it by the gifts we give him. Sports gear is the only “fun” thing on dad’s list and how many fishing rods and golf balls does one man need? Even if dad enjoys being the family grill master, grill gifts merely acknowledge another one of dad’s family chores. Would you give mom a new skillet or matching set of spatulas for Mother’s Day? Of course not! Moms get flowers and candy and dinner out. Why shouldn’t dads?

It may not fit their machismo image, but dads are just as captivated by nature’s beauty as moms are. The gift of an exotic Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera) or colorful Rose bush is a gift that will delight dad with its beauty and bring him pleasure for months or years to come. Surprising dad with a potted Sago Palm or stunning Just Add Ice Orchid this Father’s Day is a way to show your dad that he’s much more than a tool box on legs.