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This Holiday, Say It with Flowers

Green Circle Growers - Wednesday, December 08, 2010

If you dread tramping through the malls searching for that elusive “perfect” gift, if distracted drivers and rude shoppers sap your holiday spirit, if you want to rein in holiday spending and stay within your budget this year, the perfect solution is waiting for you at your local garden center.

Garden centers offer something for everyone on your holiday gift list. A wonderful selection of gorgeous flowers and lush green indoor plants is available during the holidays. Easy to care, indoor plants are the gift that keeps on giving. With a little sunlight and water, blooming flowers will last for weeks. Green plants may live for years with minimal care. Plants not only fill the dreary winter months with a touch of spring, many can be planted outdoors in the summer to provide lasting beauty in your garden.

If you want to relax and bask in the holiday spirit, give indoor plants to everyone on your holiday gift list, then relax and enjoy the holidays. With so many wonderful choices, matching favorite holiday plants to the people on your list is easy.

  • The crazy flat leaves of the Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera) appeal people who like the odd and offbeat.
  • Healing Aloe Vera (Aloe Vera) exudes a healing balm for burns and scrapes, perfect for gourmet cooks and families with young children.
  • Elegant and stately, Amaryllis Bulbs (Hippeastrum) take 6 weeks to bloom, making them a good choice for patient people.
  • The delicate flowers of Cyclamen make it a wonderful choice for romantics.
  • With proper care, long-lived Jade can become an heirloom plant to be passed down the generations. Give it to a person who values family history.
  • Stunning Just Add Ice Orchids are the perfect gift for the person who claims to have everything.
  • Give holiday traditionalists a Poinsettia, the iconic holiday plant.