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Tropical Touch Warms Winter Rooms

Green Circle Growers - Thursday, January 27, 2011

After the Christmas decorations have been wrapped and put away, the house always seems a little dull and empty in January. January’s gray skies and cold, snowy days dampen the spirits. The contrast between December’s warm reds and golds and January’s cool grays and whites makes the interior of your home feel suddenly stark and gloomy. What your home needs is a tropical makeover!

Bringing a variety of lush, green topical plants into your home chases away the winter blues and warms your home with the alluring promise of summer heat. There’s no better antidote to winter than introducing a touch of the tropics to your indoor landscape. Local garden centers offer a wonderful selection of tropical plants during the winter. Most tropical plants are easy to grow, require minimal care, and add exotic interest to any room décor.

From the fringy fronds of Palm Majesty to the spiky leaves of Aloe Vera, tropical plants come in an astounding array of colors, shapes, leaf types and sizes. Consider these designer suggestions for using tropical plants to your home:

  • A large, single plant like Palm Majesty or Bromeliad can be used to bring color and interest to an empty corner of your living room.
  • Use a Sago Palm to provide a lush backdrop for a sofa or favorite chair.
  • Fill a basket with Pothos and allow the vine to curl and drip over the edge of a kitchen hutch or bedroom armoire.
  • Plant a crock with Kimberly Queen Fern (Nephrolepis) to brighten a study or fill an empty hearth.
  • Place a brass or copper urn of Spathiphyllum by an entry table for a touch of tropical elegance.
  • Display colorful, blooming Bougainvillea against a bare wall as tropical “art.”
  • Arrange containers of a variety of tropical plants together to create a winter garden.