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Use Rose Color to Convey Your Feelings on Valentine’s Day

Green Circle Growers - Friday, February 04, 2011

According to ancient legend, when the gods created roses, they colored their petals white as a symbol of purity. All the roses that grew in the world were white until the night a nightingale fell in love with a rose. His passion inspired the bird, which had been ridiculed by other birds for his ugly croak, to burst into a beautiful and melodious song. As the singing nightingale pressed ardently against the rose, a thorn pierced his heart and drops of his blood colored the rose red. Forever after, red roses have symbolized passionate love.

The most popular Valentine’s Day flower, roses have long been used to convey love and affection. We imbue their color and number with special meaning. A single, thornless rose represents love at first sight. A gift of two roses indicates mutual affection. A bouquet of yellow roses indicates life-long friendship. A dozen red roses say, “I love you!”

If you want your Valentine’s Day gift to convey a special meaning, send roses to someone who is close to your heart and use their color to tell your special someone how you feel.

  • Red roses are the traditional symbol of passionate love. There is no more romantic gift than a bouquet of red roses.
  • White roses represent purity and innocence. They are the perfect choice for a father who wants to surprise his daughter on Valentine’s Days. White roses are also the symbol of young love.
  • Lilac roses are a sign of enchantment and convey love at first sight.
  • Orange roses indicate passionate desire, bold admiration and powerful attraction.
  • Pink roses are the color of grace, elegance and femininity.
  • Yellow roses symbolize lasting friendship and convey affection.