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Vacation Care for Hanging Baskets, Containers and Houseplants

Green Circle Growers - Friday, July 29, 2011

When you go on vacation, your plants will suffer unless you make arrangements for plant care while you are away from home. In our previous post, we discussed vacation care for outdoor garden plants; but you’ll also need to make vacation arrangements to protect container plantings, hanging baskets and indoor plants. Container-grown plants are far more exposed to the dangerous drying effects of heat and evaporation than garden plants. Constantly bombarded by summer heat on all sides, the soil in containers and hanging baskets dries out quickly. Even in only mildly hot weather, container-grown plants rely on daily watering for the moisture they need to grow and thrive.

Indoor houseplants left in closed-up homes when their owners go on vacation are equally at risk. After the air conditioning has been turned off and the windows closed and locked, it doesn’t take long for a house to start heating up. Temperatures on upper stories can easily soar into the high 80s and even 90s as a house bakes in the relentless summer sun. Without proper care, houseplants can succumb to prolonged lack of water and excessive heat.

There are several ways to protect indoor and outdoor container-grown plants while you’re on vacation:

  • If you have only a few houseplants, a friend may be willing to take them in and care for them while you’re away.
  • If you have arranged for a plant-sitter to water outdoor plants, ask them to drop by every other day to water outdoor containers, hanging baskets and indoor plants.
  • Drip and siphon feeders (available at garden centers) can be set up to feed indoor plants.
  • Vacation is a new all-natural product formulated to prolong plant life during drought that is tailor-made for vacationing plant owners. Plants watered with a solution of Vacation enter a state of hibernation, allowing them to survive without watering for up to two weeks.