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How to Plant Your Own Herb Spiral

Green Circle Growers - Thursday, April 11, 2013

Rising from a corner of Cleveland’s Midtown Learning Farm like the coiled shell of a gargantuan snail is a swirl of rocks and green-leaved herbs. An “herb spiral” is a carefully planted microcosm designed to be a self-sustaining ecosystem. An outgrowth of permaculture, which promotes living and gardening in harmony with nature, herb spirals are becoming popular not only for their sound ecological design, but also for the visual interest they add to gardenscapes. more

Edible Alliums Flavor Spring Gardens

Green Circle Growers - Monday, April 11, 2011

As scrumptiously edible as they are beautiful, alliums are a delightful – and flavorful – addition to spring gardens. These exotic members of the onion family, including chives, leeks, garlic and shallots, are identified by their spicy, onion scent. Attractive spring bloomers, alliums have distinctive pink, purple or white pom pom-like flowers that rise on long, thin stems from low-growing green foliage. Tolerant of cold weather, their long maturation period makes early spring the best time to plant alliums. Some allium varieties can take as many as 4 months to reach edible maturity when grown from seed. Purchasing allium plants from your local garden center and adding them to your garden in early spring can cut growing time nearly in half, allowing you to start enjoying these savory plants by early summer. more