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How to Choose the Right Support for Climbing Plants

Green Circle Growers - Thursday, June 21, 2012

Climbing plants and vines can add beauty and visual interest to your garden landscape. Flowering plants growing up the side of a pergola or climbing an arbor create a colorful focal point for garden displays. Vining plants can turn a shed or garage wall into a floral canvas. When planted to climb a fence, climbing plants can create a beautiful living privacy screen. more

How and When to Prune Clematis

Green Circle Growers - Tuesday, July 05, 2011

A beautiful vining plant that produces large, colorful flowers from late spring through fall, Clematis is a garden favorite (see our previous post). With proper pruning this old-fashioned perennial will produce years of thick, lush foliage and abundant blooms. But there’s the rub. After a few years of improper or negligent pruning, clematis vines can become top heavy, the greenery and blossoms bushing out above unattractively barren stems. Unfortunately, pruning clematis is not a simple matter. This flowering vine is divided into 3 pruning groups based on peak blooming period and whether flowers are set on old or new growth. more

Pruning Clematis Produces Showier Display

Green Circle Growers - Thursday, June 30, 2011

Large palm-sized blooms in vibrant purples, pinks and bright whites set against a background of thick green foliage; Clematis provides a stunning garden display from spring through fall. Trained to a trellis, this flower-covered vining plant adds color and visual interest to blank exterior walls. When planted to twine up a patio fence, the flower-laden tendrils of this attractive vine create a dramatic natural screen. A clematis-covered pergola can provide an enchanting entrance to a well-planted garden or can be used to create a quiet oasis of shady seclusion along a sheltered garden path. more

Providing Support for Climbing Plants

Green Circle Growers - Thursday, October 07, 2010

Climbing plants quickly outgrow the support capabilities of their slender trunks. As vines grow and flowers bloom, the weight of all that growth makes plants top-heavy. If climbing plants are not adequately supported, plant stalks can bend or snap, damaging and in some cases killing the plant. more