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Easy Care Plants for the “Plant Challenged” Person

Green Circle Growers - Friday, August 05, 2011

Plants add a touch of green and beauty to any indoor environment. Not only can plants be decorative, but they can bring out the nurturing spirit in each one of us. You don’t have to be a gardener to love indoor plants. In fact, even the person who claims that they have a “black thumb” can enjoy and grow these easy to care for plants. more

Vacation Care for Hanging Baskets, Containers and Houseplants

Green Circle Growers - Friday, July 29, 2011

When you go on vacation, your plants will suffer unless you make arrangements for plant care while you are away from home. In our previous post, we discussed vacation care for outdoor garden plants; but you’ll also need to make vacation arrangements to protect container plantings, hanging baskets and indoor plants. Container-grown plants are far more exposed to the dangerous drying effects of heat and evaporation than garden plants. Constantly bombarded by summer heat on all sides, the soil in containers and hanging baskets dries out quickly. Even in only mildly hot weather, container-grown plants rely on daily watering for the moisture they need to grow and thrive. more

Garden Gifts Make Delightful Mother’s Day Surprise

Green Circle Growers - Thursday, May 05, 2011

Flowers have long been a traditional Mother’s Day gift. What better way to recognize your mother than with a floral bouquet as beautiful as she is. But cut flowers don’t have much staying power. As beautiful as they are when presented, cut flowers fade away in a week or two. This year why not give your mom flowers she can enjoy all year long? Whether you select a lovely indoor plant or an outdoor garden favorite, the gift of a growing flower or plant will delight your mother for months, possibly even years, to come, providing a daily reminder of your love. more

How to Create Indoor Container Plantings with Pizzazz

Green Circle Growers - Thursday, April 14, 2011

Combination plantings are the hot new trend in indoor container design. Mixing several different plants in a single container allows indoor gardeners to create stunning displays with impact. The diversity of plant colors, heights, shapes and growing behaviors allows for an infinite number of interesting combinations when planting indoor containers. To ensure that all of the plants will thrive when combining plants it’s essential to select plants with similar light, water and temperature requirements. more

Combos Are Hot New Trend in Indoor Container Plantings

Green Circle Growers - Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Taking a cue from their outdoor cousins, indoor container plantings are finally embracing diversity. Combination plantings that combine several different plants in a single container have been popular in outdoor containers and hanging baskets for some time, but indoor container plantings have remained staidly traditional with a single plant per pot. No more. Combos are the hot new trend in indoor container plantings. more

Houseplants that Appeal to Manly Men

Green Circle Growers - Monday, March 21, 2011

Men may not admit it, but they enjoy plants and flowers as much as women do. The testosterone-charged male psyche is not immune to the allure of a soothing green potted plant or a cheerful burst of colorful flowers. Yet, despite the fact that some of the world’s greatest gardeners are men, flowers and plants have always had a distinctly feminine cachet. Perhaps it’s because our society tends to associate the delicate, curving forms and soft pastel shades of many plants with female traits. However, there are many bolder plants available that have a decidedly masculine air. more

Fragrant Houseplants Add Scent of Spring to Your Home

Green Circle Growers - Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Bring the fragrance of spring into your home by displaying houseplants known for their fragrant scents. more

Houseplants Guaranteed to Be No-Fuss and Easy-Care

Green Circle Growers - Monday, February 21, 2011

Houseplants bring a welcome touch of nature indoors to brighten gray winter days. Many of the most popular houseplants are so easy to care for that they will thrive even in the hands of first-time or somewhat neglectful plant owners. For houseplants that are easy-care and no-fuss, try one of these varieties: more

Tropical Touch Warms Winter Rooms

Green Circle Growers - Thursday, January 27, 2011

After the Christmas decorations have been wrapped and put away, the house always seems a little dull and empty in January. January’s gray skies and cold, snowy days dampen the spirits. The contrast between December’s warm reds and golds and January’s cool grays and whites makes the interior of your home feel suddenly stark and gloomy. What your home needs is a tropical makeover! more

Overwatering Is Biggest Threat to Indoor Plants

Green Circle Growers - Friday, January 21, 2011

Caring for indoor houseplants requires avid outdoor gardeners to change ingrained habits. Scaling back the urge to water may be the toughest habit to change. During the summer months, gardeners spend pleasant hours watching their plants grow and flower during nearly daily waterings. Gardeners associate copious amounts of water with healthy, vibrant plants. While that is usually true of outdoor flowers, it’s a practice that spells disaster when applied indoors. Compared to their outdoor cousins, indoor plants have meager water requirements. Rather than aiding robust growth, too much water can kill indoor plants. more