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How and When to Prune Clematis

Green Circle Growers - Tuesday, July 05, 2011

A beautiful vining plant that produces large, colorful flowers from late spring through fall, Clematis is a garden favorite (see our previous post). With proper pruning this old-fashioned perennial will produce years of thick, lush foliage and abundant blooms. But there’s the rub. After a few years of improper or negligent pruning, clematis vines can become top heavy, the greenery and blossoms bushing out above unattractively barren stems. Unfortunately, pruning clematis is not a simple matter. This flowering vine is divided into 3 pruning groups based on peak blooming period and whether flowers are set on old or new growth. more

How to Identify Plant Fungal Diseases

Green Circle Growers - Friday, June 10, 2011

The wet spring is taking a toll on garden plants. In many gardens, fungal diseases seem to be blooming faster than the flowers (see our previous post). The forecast of more wet, humid weather doesn’t bode well for garden lovers. Once fungus takes hold, horticulturists say that, in most cases, there is little gardeners can do but wait it out. Even though plants look unsightly, well-established plants should weather the storm without permanent injury. Removing heavily diseased plants and giving your garden a good dose of broad-spectrum fungicide early next spring should return your garden to its normal beauty next year. more

Wet Spring Taking Toll on Garden Plants

Green Circle Growers - Tuesday, June 07, 2011

It’s been an unusually wet spring. April showers have continued into June and brought with them more than May flowers. Gardens are blooming with color but not all of it is floral. Colorful molds and leaf-spotting fungi are taking a toll on garden plants and shrubs. Leaf diseases thrive in wet weather, and this year’s soggy spring has provided them with optimal growing conditions. Once they get a toe-hold in your garden, fungal diseases can spread rapidly, infecting multiple plants. more

Keep English Ivy Under Control

Green Circle Growers - Monday, November 01, 2010

Attractive and easy to grow, English Ivy (Hedera) is a common feature in many gardens. A prolific grower with beautiful, star-shaped evergreen foliage, English Ivy is particularly attractive when allowed to encircle the base of a tree. Thriving equally well in full shade or bright sun, it is often used to stabilize garden slopes against erosion or fill in large shady areas where other plants fail. more

Fall Garden Tip: Apply Grub Control Now

Green Circle Growers - Thursday, September 03, 2009

When you take pride in your flower beds and lawn, nothing is more irritating than waking up to see the beautiful lawn you spent a summer perfecting peeled back in ugly, lumpy strips. more