About Green Circle Growers

About Green Circle Growers

One of the largest greenhouse operations in the United States, Green Circle Growers is a family-owned company located in Oberlin, Ohio. Originally a vegetable farm started by John vanWingerden in 1968, Green Circle Growers has been family-owned and -operated ever since and is now operated by the second generation of vanWingerdens and has developed to occupy over 100 acres of indoor growing space and 35 acres of outdoor growing space. Green Circle Growers has been ranked a Top 10 Greenhouse by Greenhouse Grower Magazine for multiple years.

Green Circle Growers is the parent company of two brands: Just Add Ice® and Wild Interiors™. Under these brands, the company grows and distributes easy care indoor plants through retail partners such as Home Depot, Heinen's, Sam's Club, Giant Eagle, and Kroger. Additionally, Green Circle Growers also offers outdoor bedding plants and seasonal florals such as poinsettias, mums, Easter lilies, primrose, and hydrangeas.

Green Circle Growers is committed to introducing fresh new ideas to the marketplace and continuously strives to best serve customers and the environment.

Mission, Vision, and Values

At Green Circle Growers, our mission is to make every day better with plants. We align ourselves to the vision that there will one day be a Green Circle Growers plant within everyone's line of sight in North America.

Our company is built on our five core values of diligence, respect, integrity, customer focus, and innovation.

Sustainability at Green Circle Growers

Green Circle Growers utilizes retention ponds to collect and re-distribute rainwater, and the water supply in the greenhouses is 100% self-contained and sustainable. After the water is absorbed by the plants, it’s returned back to holding tanks where it can be filtered and re-used. The greenhouse facilities also utilize high-efficiency energy curtains to retain heat and reduce energy usage. Wood boilers have eliminated the dependency on natural gas and reduce emissions to provide a sustainable heating source, powered by recycled wood.

Green Circle Growers has reduced plastic consumption and sources recycled plastics and cardboard for production and distribution in the greenhouses. Finally, the use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) reduces the use of liquid pesticides within the greenhouse; this system strategically incorporates the use of predatory insects in the growing space to control harmful pests.