About Us

About Green Circle GrowersGreen Circle Growers is one of the largest greenhouse operations in the Midwest and is committed to introducing fresh new ideas to the market place while utilizing production methods that are efficient and environmentally conscious.

Whether you’re just adding plants or flowers to your home and landscape, add extraordinary ones from Green Circle Growers. Like people, we know when it comes to plants, no two are exactly the same. So at Green Circle Growers we provide exactly that - extraordinary plants for extraordinary people. Add some to your home or garden today.

Our Green Initiatives

Green Circle Growers in Oberlin provides plants to area stores such as Home Depot, Heinen's, Sam's Club and Giant Eagle. Focusing on our green initiatives, we have growing down to a science and there is practically no waste. Water is used by the plants and then it's returned back to holding tanks where it's filtered and gets used over and over again. We use high-efficiency energy curtains that retain the heat and reduce energy costs throughout the facility.

When it comes to heating the greenhouses the use of radiant heat is more efficient and cuts down on the use of natural gas by about 40 percent. The heat is produced by a wood boiler fueled by refuse from local tree removal companies. Instead of natural gas, they use sawdust, wood chips, and even tire chips from tire disposal companies.Transportation within the facility is also green with the use of electric carts that cut down on gas and diesel pollution.