Christmas Floral Decoration for Table or Mantle

You Will Need:

Rectangular, shallow, water-proof container (approx. 4x10x3 inches deep)
1 brick wet floral foam (3” x 4” x 9”)
Floral tape
1 3-inch pillar candle (white, silver or gold)
3 fresh cedar boughs, each about 12 inches long
5 to 7 evergreen cuttings (holly, pine, yew, etc.), each about 4-6 inches long
16 mini red carnations
12 white button chrysanthemums
5 red roses
1 bunch (6 to 8) small silver or gold ornaments on wire stems
Utility knife
Garden shears


  1. This holiday arrangement sits low on the table so choose a shallow-sided container not more than 3 inches high. Or purchase a plastic container specifically made to hold floral foam from your local garden center or craft store. Because this arrangement is long, low and narrow, it also makes a stunning mantle decoration.
  2. Cut floral foam to fit container using utility knife. Foam should be 1 inch higher than container sides. Cut corners of foam block off at an angle.
  3. Secure foam to container with floral tape. This step can be omitted if using a floral foam container with teeth along the bottom that grip the foam block.
  4. With the tip of the utility knife, cut 6 small slits in top of block, twisting knife slightly. This will allow water to soak into the interior of the block.
  5. Slowly water foam block and allow to soak for about 15 minutes until foam is thoroughly wet.
  6. Choose candle color to complement your holiday décor. Push candle about 1 inch into center of foam block.
  7. Cut cedar boughs and evergreens from garden or purchase at garden center.
  8. Cut 2 cedar boughs to 10 inches. Carefully trim greenery from bottom 2 inches of stem to provide a clean end to insert into foam. Reserve unused clippings. Insert one cedar bough into each narrow end of the foam block.
  9. From third cedar bough, cut 4 6-inch lengths, trimming greens from bottom 1 inch of each stem. Insert one stem into each corner of foam block.
  10. Using remaining cedar, trim off shorter pieces of cedar between 3 to 5 inches in length, trimming greenery from bottom 1 inch of stem, and use to fill in side edges and top of foam block.
  11. Add 5 to7 evergreen sprigs for contrast, each about 4- to 6-inches long, trimming ends before inserting into foam in random places. Choose cuttings with narrow stems from a variety of evergreens, such as juniper, white pine, balsam, Fraser fir, holly or yew.
  12. Strip leaves from carnations, chrysanthemums and roses.
  13. Cutting stems to fit, insert roses into foam, forming an irregular circle with flowers 1 to 2 inches from candle base.
  14. Cutting to fit, insert 3 long red carnation stems into each end of the arrangement, at the center and each corner. Insert 3 carnations in each side of arrangement at varying angles. Insert remaining stems, cut short, into top of arrangement.
  15. Cutting to fit, insert white button chrysanthemums into arrangement, spacing between red carnations.
  16. Add glass ornament balls at random, poking wire stems into foam.
  17. Water daily with a narrow-spouted watering can or funnel, lifting the leaves at one corner and inserting spout under leaves. Use finger to check water level. If greenery is kept wet, centerpiece can last 4 weeks. Replace flowers as they fade.
  18. To protect furniture, you may want to place the arrangement on a decorative platter or tray.