Fall Floral Cornucopia

You Will Need:

Cornucopia basket
Decorative tray
2 bricks floral foam
3 plumed ornamental grass stems
7 Dahlias
9 Rudbeckia or Asters
15 button Chrysanthemums
7 thin cattails
5 Ornamental Cabbage leaves or 5 colored Maple leaves
3 small gourds
Utility knife
Garden shears or scissors


  1. With utility knife, cut floral foam to fill cornucopia. Glue in place with hot glue gun. Foam should protrude 1 inch beyond basket opening.
  2. To make it easier to carry and move, build your cornucopia arrangement on a decorative tray.
  3. Professional tips:
    • In filling cornucopia, work from largest blooms to smallest, starting at the bottom and moving toward the top of the container.
    • To accommodate the cornucopia’s angled opening, flower stems placed at the bottom of the arrangement should be cut longer so they will protrude farther from the basket opening. As you approach the top of the arrangement, cut flower stems increasingly shorter and push them more closely into the floral foam.
    • When trimming flower stems, retain as much foliage as possible but leave the bottom 1 to 2 inches of each stem bare to create a sharp end to push into the floral foam.
    • Use an odd number of stems of each floral specimen with a minimum of 3 stems.
  4. Create a base for your cornucopia arrangement by sticking the grass plumes into the bottom of the floral foam to create a fan effect.
  5. Add Dahlias, placing 3 long-stemmed dahlias on top of the grass plumes so they protrude 5 to 6 inches beyond the basket opening from the center and each side of the base. Place remaining Dahlias throughout arrangement. Leave space between the blooms for smaller flowers.
  6. Filling the spaces left between the Dahlias, add Rudbeckia (or Asters if a brighter display is desired) and button Chrysanthemums.
  7. Add cattails, placing 3 at the base of the arrangement, one pointing forward and one to each side. Scatter remaining cattails at various angles throughout the arrangement, allowing the ends to protrude through the foliage.
  8. Roll and tuck colorful Maple leaves or ruffled Ornamental Cabbage leaves into a few spots and allow them to unfurl slightly.