‘Handy’ Flower Pot Makes Fun Mother’s Day Project for Family

You Will Need:

Empty coffee can
Pebbles (small handful)
Potting soil
Flowers from garden center
Large sheet construction paper
Finger paints (washable)
Glue or tape

Want to surprise mom with a special gift this Mother’s Day? Here’s a fun family project even the youngest member of your family can help with. This decorated flower pot is sure to be a hands-down favorite with any mom. Fill with mom’s favorite flower. Bright, colorful flowers such as daisy-petalled Osteospermum or big-headed Gerbera Dais.


  1. Wash and dry the coffee can (any other appropriate container can be used).
  2. Using coffee can to measure, cut a piece of construction paper into a long rectangle. It should be the same height as the coffee can and long enough to go all the way around it.
  3. Spread finger paints on foil and place child’s hand in paint. Make handprints on construction paper. Either a single color of paint or multiple colors can be used. Be creative. You can line up family member’s palm prints from small to large (including dad) or overlap prints to make a unique design. Tip: If overlapping prints, allow paint to dry before over-painting.
  4. When paint is dry, run a bead of glue along one end of the construction paper, Encircle the can, overlapping the ends to seal. (Or you can secure with tape.)
  5. Place pebbles in bottom of coffee can to aid drainage.
  6. Fill can half full with potting soil. Position flowers in center of can and fill with additional potting soil. Water carefully.
  7. Tie with ribbon and give to mom this Sunday.