How to Create a Beautiful Tabletop Poinsettia Tree

You Will Need:

3 pedestal-style cake plates, approx. 12”, 8” and 4” in diameter
3 Oasis (wet) floral foam rings of corresponding sizes
3 shallow pie pans of corresponding sizes
20-25 poinsettia blooms (approx. 2-3 large poinsettia plants)
Candle, lighted
Bamboo stick (round) or 1/4” Phillips-head screw driver
Floral putty


  1. Soak floral foam rings in clean sink filled with room-temperature water for 30 minutes; weight with plate to submerge. Drain in dish drain for 10 minutes.
  2. Place a healthy dab of floral putty in the center of each cake pedestal and affix the pie pan of corresponding size. This will prevent water from the arrangement from leaking onto your table.
  3. Place a floral ring into the pie pan of corresponding diameter and affix to pie plate with a few dabs of floral putty.
  4. Create a tiered effect by stacking the cake pedestals on top of each other with the largest plate on the bottom and the smallest on top. Secure each pedestal to the plate beneath it with a few dabs of floral putty.
  5. Cut individual “flowers” off poinsettia plants, leaving 3-inch stems.
  6. Light the candle and hold each stem in the flame for a few seconds to sear the end. Searing seals the milky “sap” inside the flower stem which helps prevent wilting. The stem will still be porous enough to soak up water.
  7. Beginning on the bottom tier and moving up, place flower stems in a circle around each cake pedestal using the bamboo stick or screwdriver to poke a hole for each stem in the floral foam. Do not try to poke flower stems directly into the foam as you may damage the stem and cause the flower to die.
  8. Work your way around each tier, gently overlapping flowers as you poke each stem into the floral foam, to form a conical tree.
  9. Periodic watering will keep your poinsettia tree fresh.


Note: You can tailor your poinsettia tree to your display space by adjusting the size of the cake pedestals and increasing or decreasing the number of poinsettia flowers used. If smaller poinsettia trees are desired to flank a mantle or grace a small table, push small poinsettia flowers into cone-shaped floral foam using the techniques above. Place tree on an edged decorative or crystal plate to protect furniture.