Living Wreath

You Will Need:

16 inch wreath form
1 pound of sheet moss
Good quality potting soil
24 small plants that range in pot size from 4 inches to 6 packs (low growing or trailing annuals, perennials or herbs)
Paddle of green florist’s wire


  1. Soak the sheet moss in water until it is pliable, and then allow the moss to drain.
  2. Attach a hanger to the back of the wreath form using the florist’s wire.
  3. Place a hanger every 90 degrees so that the wreath can easily be turned throughout the season for even growth.
  4. Using the damp sheet moss, line the form with the green side facing out and a couple of inches of overlap on each edge of the wreath form.
  5. Overlap pieces of moss inside the form and patch any holes as you go.
  6. Fill the form about half way full with potting soil.
  7. While the plants are still in their pots, arrange them how you would like before planting them.
  8. Once the design is set, proceed to take each plant out of their pot and plant while filling in any gaps with additional potting soil.
  9. Using the smallest plants, poke about 3 to 4 holes through the moss around the edge and plant each hole. This will help give the wreath a full appearance.
  10. Tuck the overlapping edges of the moss under the plants and around their crowns.
  11. Secure one end of the florist’s wire to the back of the wreath and proceed to spiral wrap the front and back all the way around to hold the plants and soil in place. Cut the wire and secure it to the back of the form.
  12. Place the wreath in a location where the plants receive the correct amount of sunlight according to their care instructions.
  13. Water frequently and continue to turn the wreath for even growth.