Lovely Succulent Wreath Makes Unusual Display

You Will Need:

1 wire ring
Floral wire
Sphagnum moss (peat moss)
Cactus soil
Rooting hormone
12 purple succulent cuttings, trimmed to 3 inches
11 light green succulents, trimmed to 3 inches
11 darker green succulents, trimmed to 3 inches
Garden shears


  1. Take cutting from plants and trim to 3-inch lengths the day before you make your wreath so stems can dry and harden.
  2. Soak moss in water for 1 hour
  3. Make moss “burritos” stuffed with handfuls of cactus soil. Stuff into wire ring until ring is filled.
  4. Wrap floral wire around ring to hold in place, Space wire to allow insertion of succulent stems.
  5. Dip each succulent cutting in rooting hormone and stick into wreath, using pencil to make holes in moss.
  6. Soak wreath in 1 inch of water for 1 hour. Allow to drain in dish rack before hanging. Protect furniture by placing wreath on cake plate or decorative tray.